Cutting edge manufacturing technology.
Highest Quality Control.
State-of-the-art products for the Automotive Industry.

Established in North America in 1987, we apply the most advanced local resources available, while also drawing from over 65 years of manufacturing experience in Japan. We currently have three manufacturing locations and one R&D Center in North America, while our parent company has 13 manufacturing and R&D sites throughout Asia. Our global footprint allows us to support nearly every major automotive market in the world, providing design, development and production for exhaust system, frame, and trim products.

handa-00People make a difference between a "good" company and a "great" company. Our associates are the reason for our success and vision of our future. The strong spirit of our associates will overcome tomorrow's challenges in transforming new technologies into products that are more attractive, useful, and economical than ever before.

Shigeyuki Handa - President