Committing to quality, efficiency, teamwork and continuous improvement to achieve customer requirements and fulfill the requirements of  ISO/IATF standards and government regulations.


Newman Technology uses the latest automated technologies to bring quality and value to every part we produce.

We engineer our parts and processes to maximize the performance of our products while reducing part weight and cost. Our innovative technologies are flexible enough to engage multiple processes at one time or small lot production of multiple products to save labor costs.

Robotic Transfer Line Press

Stamping Capability

Our in-house stamping operations range from 80T all the way up through 4000T press capabilities.


Roll Forming & Extrusion

Our Rafted Rollforming and in-line co-extrusion processes yield complex cross section configurations and high quality trim with a variety of finishes.


Specialized Fabrication

We offer Hydroform, Spiral Interlocking & Braiding technologies that allow for a wide range of parts produced.

Robotic Assembly

A variety of robotic assembly process are used to produce a variety of parts.

Samuri Technology


We are skilled in many joining technologies, including Laser Welding, Tig Welding, Mig Welding, Spot Welding, Hemming, and Structural Adhesives.