Committing to quality, efficiency, teamwork and continuous improvement to achieve customer requirements and fulfill the requirements of  ISO/IATF standards and government regulations.


Research & Design Facility

Our Research & Development facility was designed to shorten the development cycle and efficiently introduce advanced products to the marketplace.  We located our R&D facility close to our largest production site in order to pull from years of manufacturing experience, and incorporate this know-how into future products.  With design, prototype, and testing in one facility our team is able to propose specifications tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Product Development & Design

NTI designers are able to pull from years of experience in design and manufacturing knowledge to quickly provide a design solution that is both manufacturable and economical for our customers.  We use a variety of design software platforms to make creation and transfer of accurate data to our customers fast and easy.  Designs can be verified through an integrated DFMEA process along with our simulation testing.


Prototype Production

Our prototype technicians have experience in producing highly accurate prototypes using the latest technology in stamping, pipe bending, laser, and assembly.  Our prototype fixtures, tools, and parts are certified using our laser scanning and portable CMM capabilities. Lead-times for prototypes are kept to a minimum with fixture, part design, and prototype builds done in-house, while communicating requirements with our design and test associates.


Part validation is achieved by using our wide range of testing capabilities that include, but not limited to, the following:
• thermal cycle testing
• dynamometer testing
• exhaust flow & attenuation testing
• sound performance analysis
• vibration analysis

Our test experts work closely with designers to simulate new design ideas to reduce overall development lead-time and improve part performance and cost.